Friday, September 18, 2009

falling teeth again

dreamt of falling teeth again...during that event,my bf bought me to the town. then suddenly I felt that 1 of my teeth were loosen.Suddenly all of my teeth were falling and full of blood. that is what i can remember because i woke up after the falling teeth scene scares me off...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Falling teeth

I remembered i was in a rented room. It was in diamond shape size of room where i had 2 jug of beers on me. I was drinking heavily & talking to my bf. Then i stop for awhile, i felt like growth inside my teeth. The the upper row of my teeth start to fall off, one by one until my mouth was bleeding heavily. i tried to covered my mouth & i started to pluck the bad teeth instead. I was very panicked & told my bf about the fallen teeth but he did not bother about it because he was happy with his drinking session. Then I woke up from sleep as it was very scary. I was thinking of about the meaning of fallen teeth in the website,it says, if the upper row teeth falls, the old members in your family will die where as the bottom row of the teeth falls represent your relative will pass away. It was very scary tho of the reminder that i fell asleep again & dreamt of something else in relation of the previous dream.

This time i dreamt of i went back to my dad's house, sadly that time, 'somebody' passed away & me & my sister were takin care of the funeral. I was there in the kithen,trying to cook chicken curry in a big frying bowl & i x see anybody attending our house. Then my dream switched to other place where i was in the same room as the previous dream i had. this time, my housemates were different people, 1 of them was an actress. They were packing themselves to go back to their village as it is weekend time. Before that, I was trying to plug the cable of the tv in my room & the connector seems to be different. Then she, the actress, headed to my room & asked for a few modest & i gave her some. After that scene, I forced my self to get up as it is already 1830 late in the evening. Weird & scary for me on the dreams that i had....

Thursday, August 6, 2009

last nite

got nightmare,my bf took us in a deserted location. haunted place...i can't remember of it but i know that momok is attacking me in the sleep so i woke up and the clock showed tripple 5 number..nice...

then i slept again,dreaming of my dad. it was really a sad event whereby i was about to go back to kch. my dad was suppose to send me to the bus station but was late in the process of sending me. I kept on mumbling and nagging towards him. there were at times, i scolded him because he was too slow to move. then i saw he was wearing flip flops that was both in different shape ans sizes. it looks so awfull..but pathetic... so i stop nagging towards him and started to pity on him. then i woke up because of the alarm clock.

after shower,quickly called my dad...coz i missed my parent...

industrial training in mlng

MLNG...i guess it is because i talked about Mlng incident case yesterday and that is why i have my dream in Mlng. I dreamt about i was on my internship program as a trainee engineer for Instrumentation Department. I was attached under a big fat lady and she was so damn busy with her work. She is the engineer that is suppose to take care of me that time. But due to her work load, she told me that she only take care of me for 3 days and after that I should go to other department to fullfill my internship program. So she gave me a paper and ask me to fill in. I do not remember what is the content so i just fill it up and mumbling to myself WTH on this program and why did she just neglected me.

So after 3 days had passed,I went to look other department such as Electrical department and I thought of applying to Mlng Tiga on Instrumentation department. It goes on with the process and finally i woke without any endong of the dreams...well, dreams aren't usually end that fast or has an end....

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

aftnn nap is always the afternoon nap that i had, i will partially remember the events of my dreams. today, i dreamt about i have a pet that is a cat! ahhaha...maybe it is because it happens after i watched the chinese movie coz that policewomen have a nice cat with her. So i had this cat,funny was, at 1st it was a kitten, a few min it changed into a big cat and very naughty. So it pan sai everywhere because i havent teach her 2 B.O in the toilet. ehehehhe. then i saw there was a few toilets, looks like in the school. 1 of the main toilet, i did not dare to go coz really haunted so i jux went to a dirty toilet instead and saw my cat ran here n there. So i caught her....pergh..i only remember this part only that i had a cat.thats all for today....all for cats!

Monday, August 3, 2009


dreamt about fishing activities. it was me, my bf, 2 frens of mine dat was elvin n janet. we went 2 a village n we were gathered in a dining hall whr they distribute keys for our hotels. so each 1 of us got a rm80 budget hotel.ours is nearby but our 2 friends got a nice place to stay. Then we were heading to our destination, a malay village. There was an old man waiting for us at the boat. We are heading to the ocean! There was a lot of conversation between us. Then i tried to catch fish,I don't remember what kind of fish is that. And....suddenly,out of know where, Janet appeared at the boat with us. She was standing and talking with my bf. Suddenly there was an Ang Mo also tried to pan sai at the back of our boat.
then we reach to the shore,having our dinner again at the same hall. I only remembered I was talking to my bf's brother. Chit chatting and suddenly I quarelled again with my bf, accused him of having interest with janet. ...jeleaous mah....Aiyah,so lame la my dream.
there were a lot of events in my dreams,so i skipped coz i cannot remember that. The ending of the dream was, I was in a hall again but these 1, I was with my colleague, Wady. Both of us were so anxious to know our status, got promotion or not. There were a lot of questions that we asked our manager, Mr Ahmad Suut. So, there was a question that is still havent being answer. I asked him of something, about the current status (in the dream we were both already graduated but result havent come out -funny eh) either we are stil become a technician or an engineer? and how are we going to be promoted via the process? We were waiting for him to answer and when he tried to answer it, tringgggggg!!!!!! my alarm clock has waken me up.....haiz!! boring lah....

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sorry, forgot to add up. Yea, I had a dream last night. I can only remember a bit. It was my bf la. He met me in a place and he bought along Ibu's cooking food. It looks like something gravy and very delicous. Then we had some arguement which led him to be merajok for awhile (as usual) then he came back to me again...And the rest of the events,I cannot remember at all...